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good news comes with winning three lines and commissioning four lines

22 jun 2022

in june, the first half of 2022 is about to end, cascoers have started the sprint mode to work in unison and buckle down. goods news came as new lines were won in the cbtc market, and multiple projects of national railway and urban rail transit went into operation.

winning three projects in chengdu

recently, casco won the signaling system integration procurement and construction general contracting of chengdu metro line 17 phase ii, line 18 phase iii, and line 19 phase ii. at this point, casco's participation in chengdu metro has exceeded 320km.

as an important part of chengdu metro plan phase iv, this winning line is a strong support to accelerate the weaving of chengdu's metro network. in the future, casco will rely on these new projects, continue to focus on customer needs, study and improve technology and service standards, help chengdu metro build a "meter loop radial" line network pattern, thus providing a safe and comfortable way of traveling for chengdu people.

four lines commissioned in succession, running through the north and the south

on june 16, hotan-ruoqiang railway went into operation. circling the taklamakan desert, the 2,712-kilometer railway is the world's first railway loop in desert. as one of the signaling system suppliers, casco has provided the self-developed train control center and interlocking integrated system (tis), temporary speed restriction server (tsrs), new train control onboard equipment with beidou positioning, and end of train (eot), etc., to ensure the safe operation of trains.  

casco tis cabinet

on june 20, xiangyang-wanzhou section of zhengzhou-chongqing high-speed railway was put into operation. there are 10 stations, among which 8 were newly opened. the hubei section adopts casco’s ctc3.0 system and ctc center system, while hubei section and chongqing section both adopt casco’s ilock computer interlocking system, which is the first c3 line of china railway wuhan and chengdu group to apply ilock system. after the opening of the line, the commuting time from xiangyang to chongqing will be greatly shortened, which is of great significance to consolidate the achievements of poverty eradication in the three gorges dam area and promote the construction of chengdu-chongqing economic circle.

casco ctc and interlocking cabinets

on june 20, puyang-zhengzhou section of jinan-zhengzhou high-speed railway went into operation. it has 7 stations with a total length of 197.28km, for which casco provided ctc3.0 system. after the opening of jinan-zhengzhou high-speed railway, it will be connected to zhengzhou east railway station and can interconnect with the existing xuzhou-lanzhou, beijing-guangzhou, zhengzhou-wanzhou, zhengzhou-fuyang high-speed railways, which is conducive to improving the structure of national railway network, strengthening regional exchanges, and promoting economic development along the route.

casco ctc cabinet

on june 20, zhengzhou metro suburban line phase ii equipped with casco’s cbtc signaling system was put into operation. with 4 stations, the 9.116-kilometer line connects xinzheng international airport and the new zhengzhou hangkonggang railway station (formerly zhengzhou south railway station), greatly facilitating the travel of residents along the line and giving full play to the advantageous role of zhengzhou air-rail "double hub".

the trains of zhengzhou metro suburban line phase ii



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