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urban rail transit

smartram®—flexible system solution based on safe operation requirements of trams

smartram intelligent solution

smartram is an intelligent control system solution for tram independently developed by casco based on france's mature tram application experience and standards as well as china's national conditions. it provides the tram operation with functions including mainline/ depot interlock control, intersection priority management, operation and dispatching management, onboard assistance, wired/wireless communication, passenger information, broadcasting, telephone, environment monitoring, power monitoring, integrated operation and maintenance and overspeed/red light protection and alarm. the dispatching center platform integrates all the above-mentioned weak current disciplines, and realizes intelligent and efficient tram operation through intelligent linkage and analysis.


  • safe and reliable

    sil4 interlocking sil2 onboard auxiliary protection system, a unique and ingenious tram safety strategy

  • intelligent integration

    a professional platform deeply integrates weak current systems such as signal, communication and power monitoring to achieve intelligent linkage.

  • flexible configuration

    thoughtful customized solution based on project characteristics
    meet the interface requirements of various kinds of rolling stock, road traffic signal system and other third-party systems
    meet the flexible operation modes: normal operation, degraded operation and special circumstances

  • economical and efficient

    cutting-edge design concept advanced technology application, taking both quality and efficiency into account and significantly reducing the life-cycle cost

project execution

  • system platform jointly built by casco/alstom that enjoys the resource advantages at home and abroad
  • over thirty years of experience in railway signaling industry
  • project teams covering all the provinces across china, with localized life-cycle management, to ensure input-output ratio
  • serve all users (training, support, maintenance, etc.) with integrated solutions as per project requirements
  • senior industry experts in control, and a group of young striving at frontline
  • perfect design execution, and meticulous quality safety
  • ability to design and coordinate across disciplines

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let us make tailored rail transit system solutions for you according to your needs.

let us make tailored rail transit system solutions for you according to your needs.




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