wuxi's first suburban line joins hands with metro line 1 to achieve "connection of the yangtze river and taihu lake"-pg电子试玩

wuxi's first suburban line joins hands with metro line 1 to achieve "connection of the yangtze river and taihu lake"

31 jan 2024

at 10:30 on january 31, wuxi-jiangyin intercity rail transit line s1 was officially opened and connected with wuxi metro line 1.

connecting the yangtze river and taihu lake, and integrating wuxi and jiangyin

wuxi-jiangyin intercity rail transit line s1 (also known as wuxi metro line s1) is 30.4 km long and designed with 10 stations. starting from jiangyin bund station in the north, and ending at yanqiao station in the south, it is seamlessly connected with wuxi metro line 1 to form a north-south transportation corridor running between wuxi and jiangyin.

taking the wuxi metro line s1, residents in wuxi and jiangyin can enjoy the scenery of the yangtze river in the north and taihu lake in the south, realizing their wish of "travelling between the river to the lake" in both directions.

along the way, line s1 links up important transportation hubs such as jiangyin bus terminal, jiangyin high-speed railway station, and wuxi railway station, as well as national railway trunk lines such as shanghai-nanjing intercity railway, nanjingnan-taicang high speed railway, and yancheng-yixing high-speed railway. it is a iconic project of the wuxi-jiangyin integration of the development.

technology empowers connectivity

line s1 is the first suburban railway in china to achieve full line, full time, and non-transfer operation with a metro line at a different speed using a different communication system. this project and the existing wuxi metro line 1 both adopt casco’s cbtc signaling system solutions.

the smooth connection of line s1 to line 1, which has been in operation for nearly 10 years, demonstrates that casco's cbtc system can not only meet the latest technical requirements, but also be compatible with the old system for stable operation. this not only confirms casco's technical strength, but also highlights the stable and reliable performance of casco's cbtc system, providing a successful reference for subsequent metro line renovation and connection projects.

in order to meet the operational needs of line s1 trains entering the range of line 1, casco carried out access modification to the existing line 1 connecting station, yanqiao station. in order not to affect the normal operation of the existing lines, the project team carefully organized and scientifically prepared detailed technical and construction plans, and took advantage of the limited operating time at night to carry out equipment installation, related software and hardware upgrades and train commissioning, laying a solid foundation for the smooth completion of the line.

with the support of casco's technological power, line s1 also applies a smart charting system, which can conduct intelligent analysis based on factors such as passenger flow, passenger capacity and operation traffic of line s1 and line 1, and automatically lay out recommended operation charts to provide reference for the cartographers. in addition, the system can be compatible with other lines of the wuxi line network, centralizing the charting, more efficiently playing the role of connecting the line network, and providing better passenger services.

these efforts are of positive significance in promoting the intelligent upgrading of wuxi metro and providing passengers with a more comfortable travel experience, further demonstrating casco's determination to provide clients with a full range of worry-free services, as well as its commitment to creating a safe and efficient travel experience for passengers.



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