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look to this age—casco helps beijing line 1 increase capacity safely

16 oct 2017

as one of the main reports to welcome the 19th cpc’s national congress, cctv news channel produced “look to this age” special program to vividly depict the changes and developments nationwide in the past five years and tell inspiring stories that happened. in beijing, the rapid development of metro is unneglectable. as all-round train control operation system integrator, casco has operated a largest “brain surgery” for beijing line 1—the renovation of signaling system, and increased its capacity safely.


beijing line 1 is the first subway in china as well as the main artery of east-west transportation with over 1.2 million passengers a day.  casco began its signaling system renovation in 2012 and applied brand new urbalis 888 cbtc signaling system without affecting its normal operation in the day, making it the largest signaling renovation project in china. guided by the new signaling system, the mainline tracking interval can be as short as 90s, turn-back performance up to within 120s, vehicle from 55 sets to 59, minimum departure interval cut from 2.05min to 2min, and operational efficiency up by 4.2%. 



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