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a new line in the spring city—casco assists the opening of changchun rail transit line 6

28 mar 2024

at 9:26 am on march 28th, changchun rail transit line 6 officially went into operation. it’s another line that casco participated in following the successful delivery of changchun line 1 and 2, bringing the total operating mileage to over 140 kilometers.

changchun line 6 is an important line connecting the new district and the development zone. it is 29.57 kilometers long with 22 stations, starting from shuangfeng station in the west and ending at changying century city station in the east. it can connect with lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 by transfer, accelerating the process of changchun metro's networking and vigorously promoting the coordinated development of various regions in the city.

photo by changchun metro group

it is the first line whose depots adopt cbtc function in the changchun metro network, which not only significantly improves the automation of train operation in the depot, further ensuring operational safety, but also demonstrates significant advantages in improving the depot's train receiving and sending capabilities. especially during morning and evening peak hours, it can fully match the capacity demand of the main line, shorten the interval between train arrivals and departures, and bring more efficient travel experience to passengers.

as the scale of changchun metro network continues to expand, the importance and urgency of implementing intelligent management of signaling equipment have become increasingly prominent. to this end, casco provided changchun line 6 with various intelligent maintenance functions. through real-time monitoring of the status of signaling equipment, it achieves fault warning and intelligent diagnostic analysis, ensuring the safety and reliability of the signaling system while reducing maintenance costs.

the opening of changchun line 6 enriched citizens' transportation options and makde travel more convenient and efficient. with the support of casco’s technology, changchun urban rail transit is also undergoing a transformation towards intelligence and smartness.



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