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planet vs. plastics! casco successfully hosts earth day environmental protection activities

25 apr 2024

in the warm spring with blooming flowers, casco actively responded to the call of the 4.22 world earth day and organized the environmental protection event themed "dedication to protection" in multiple places in this beautiful april. the event attracted over 1,200 casco employees to participate, who jointly practiced the new trend of low-carbon environmental protection, spread the concept of green sustainability, and contributed casco's strength to protecting the beautiful earth.

through fun quizzes, everyone traced back the history of human protecting nature, strengthened their understanding of issues such as plastic pollution, land desertification, and global warming, and grasped more practical skills for low-carbon environmental protection. double-sided printing, turning off lights at any time, reducing standby time, recycling waste, and green travel... these seemingly insignificant actions can play a significant role in environmental protection in our daily work and life.

with lightened loads, we set out anew. in the clothes recycling session, employees actively donated 380 kg of clothes to the china charity federation, realizing the reuse of resources while also assisting children from poor families and other needy groups.

the theme of the earth day this year is "planet vs. plastics." to this end, casco specially prepared rpet eco-friendly bags made from recycled plastic bottles and portable eco-friendly tableware for participants in the activities, encouraging everyone to use environmentally friendly items in daily life, join the global battle against plastics, and jointly address the challenge of plastic pollution.

as a comprehensive rail transit control system integrator, casco continues to lead sustainable development practices. through a series of technological innovations and optimization of engineering application solutions, it not only ensures the safe and efficient operation of rail transit but also significantly reduces operational energy consumption and carbon emissions, enabling the continuous development of rail transit towards green intelligence integration and contributing positive strength to protecting the planet. in the future, casco will continue to promote green transformation in the industry through technological innovation, actively fulfill corporate social responsibility, and work with all sectors of society to dedicatedly practice protection!



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