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green and intelligent future with digital empowerment! casco's multi-system intelligent operation and maintenance system appears at the industry event

11 may 2024

from may 10 to 11, the "2024 china (ningbo) green and intelligent rail transit innovation and development forum" was successfully held. hosted by the world rail transit development research association and ningbo rail transit group, the event gathered the academicians, experts, and guests from urban rail enterprises and scientific research institutions in the rail transit field to discuss and exchange new technologies and practices for the green and intelligent integration development of rail transit. casco was invited to attend and shared its technological innovations, application practices in the field of intelligent operation and maintenance, as well as forward-looking thinking on the digital transformation of the industry.

at "the future of electromechanical operation and maintenance" sub-forum, hu enhua, general manager of casco's digital and intelligent product center, delivered a keynote speech titled "exploring the new model for multi-system intelligent operation and maintenance in rail transit." he introduced the functions and features of casco's multi-system intelligent operation and maintenance platform from the perspectives of top-level design, business architecture, and key technological breakthroughs. through a series of typical cases and detailed data indicators, he visually demonstrated the significant advantages of the platform in terms of safety, efficiency, and economy, attracting widespread attention.

with the continuous deepening of digital transformation in rail transit, the pain points of traditional operation and maintenance models have become increasingly prominent. since 2018, casco has begun to independently develop the intelligent operation and maintenance platform. through years of continuous efforts, it has continuously iterated and optimized the existing operation and maintenance system, actively promoted the deep integration of emerging digital technologies such as ubiquitous sensing, big data processing, and phm with urban rail transit business scenarios, and successfully built a multi-system intelligent operation and maintenance platform, which aims at improving operational safety, equipment reliability, and maintenance efficiency while reducing the cost of lifecycle operation and maintenance.

casco's multi-system intelligent operation and maintenance platform is the first network-line-level, multi-system comprehensive maintenance platform based on the digital base. it caters to multi-system maintenance scenarios and utilizes technologies such as the internet of things, phm health prediction, and ai to achieve digital twins of multi-system equipment, fault prediction, health management, production organization, emergency response, and maintenance decision-making, driving the digital and intelligent transformation of operation and maintenance.

currently, casco’s achievements in multi-system intelligent operation and maintenance have been applied in cities such as shanghai, chengdu, kunming, zhengzhou, and nantong, and will build a network-level multi-system intelligent operation and maintenance platform (covering lines 5/6/7/8) for ningbo metro. these projects not only accelerate the digital transformation of urban rail transit, but also provide strong support for building a sustainable transportation system that is safe, convenient, efficient, green, economical, inclusive, and resilient.



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