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casco presents two core technologies at china smart rail transit conference

17 may 2024

on may 17, the 8th china smart rail transit conference 2024 jointly hosted by shaanxi rail transit group, xi'an rail transit group, etc., kicked off grandly in the ancient city of xi'an. casco was invited to attend and present its two major product solutions: the network intelligent operation and maintenance system and tranavi qiji tacs, and shared the changes brought by the integration of emerging technologies and rail transit, as well as its thoughts on future development.

in the afternoon of may 17, at the sub-forum of "intelligent operation and maintenance and health management”, hu enhua, general manager of casco's digital and intelligent product center, delivered a keynote speech titled "design and practice of the network intelligent operation and maintenance system for rail transit". he introduced casco’s line-network intelligent operation and maintenance system, which is the first line-network multi-system rail transit maintenance platform in the industry. addressing the pain points of traditional operation and maintenance, he explained the necessity and design philosophy of building a line-network intelligent operation and maintenance system. by combining typical scenario applications such as optimizing emergency repair processes, shifting from routine maintenance to condition-based maintenance, and optimizing comprehensive decision-making for equipment covering the entire life cycle, he vividly demonstrated the significant optimization of operation and maintenance efficiency and costs.

during the conference, hu enhua accepted an interview from rt rail transit, one of the organizers, further introducing the applications and achievements of the line-network intelligent operation and maintenance system in multiple cities, and offering insights into the technological upgrading of intelligent operation and maintenance.

on the same day, zhang xuan, casco's product manager of digital urban rail transit, delivered a keynote speech on "construction of fully automatic operation system based on tacs" at the sub-forum of " autonomous fully automatic and integrated operation". starting from the architecture, functions, and performance of the next-generation train control and train autonomous operation system, she delved into the advantages of fully automatic operation lines based on the tacs system in breaking through the capacity bottlenecks of existing cbtc systems, enhancing fault emergency response, and improving operational safety. taking shenzhen line 20 and shanghai lines 3/4 as examples, she focused on sharing the significant improvements in safety, operational efficiency, and economy brought by tranavi qiji tacs, combining casco's practical experience in product research and development, new line construction, major renovation, and standard formulation. her insights provide valuable references for the high-quality development of the tacs system.

in the subsequent roundtable forum, zhang xuan elaborated on the technological innovation of digital technology application, integration of functional safety and information safety, targeting the goal of "travel as a service" and combining with the development trends of "platform generalization, center virtualization, and station integration" of the signaling system.

through the exchanges and sharing at the conference, casco not only demonstrated its technological strength and innovation capabilities in the rail transit field, but also further strengthened its determination and belief in driving innovative development through digitalization and intelligence. as the rail transit industry accelerates its digital and intelligent transformation, casco will also actively carry out research, development, and application of new technologies and products, and look forward to working with industry peers to jointly write a new chapter in the rail transit industry.



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